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Panic Relief


One of the most powerful organic, anti-anxiety solutions available, our Panic Relief supplement contains a powerful form of micronized Kava Root. Kava is a must try for anyone suffering from significant stress. Commonly compared to alcohol for its pleasurable effects, it is nonetheless very different with effects including mild euphoria and deep relaxation and none of the negative effects that alcohol has of losing your inhibition or painful hangover.

Kava hails from South Pacific island cultures that traditionally consume it socially. It is wonderful at reducing stress associated with socializing and a strong sleep aid. If you try one supplement of ours make it Panic Relief.

Mix 5g of powder per 4oz of water or beverage of choice. Mix and drink. It is recommended you drink it quickly as Kava is known to have a chalky, aquired taste. Consuming on an empty stomach will increase the intensity of the effects. Use with caution, do not mix with pharmaceutical anti-depression or anti-anxiety medication.
35g Micronized Kava Root
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